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    Trying to convert text in table to outlines.

    Pawel Jonca


      I'm creating a wall calendar, so I have a couple of numbers in a table.

      Before sending to print I have to create outlines (don't ask why).

      When I do this, it looks ok, but... the "original" is still hidden UNDER the converted copy.

      What's happening here?

      If not clear, please, take a look at the video: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/416059/indesign-outlines.mov


      Ok, I GOT IT, but I still want to send my issue here.

      When selecting a table frame, the above is happening.

      To convert text in table correctly, I had to select _text_ itself.


      Adobe, can you fix this?


      PS. "Convert all texts to outlines" function would be to much to ask?


      thank you.