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    LR6: Unwanted processes installed by Adobe without consent.

    ThomasH_on_the_web Level 1

      It becomes a bad habit in the Software Industry, or outright a menace.  We really need lawmakers to enforce a legislation against that, because this takes a chunk of our all lives.


      Here comes Adobe, now also descending to the level of Software Hooligans:


      After paying for and installing LR6.1 upgrade, I noticed that now 3 processes run at any times. One is lightroom.exe, the other is "Adobe Lightroom CEF Helper", and than also "AdobeIPCBrocker.exe".  A research on the web provided me with no answers what are these, except that majority of people elect to remove the IPCBrocker.


      But wait, there is more, much, much worse:  Something called "Adobe Application Manager" popped up on my desktop. What in God's name is that?? I checked if the program is from Adobe and opened it.  Without EVER TELLING WHAT THAT ACTUALLY IS, the program begun a self-update.  That took on my 4-cores Xeon Dell workstation some 10-15min, and than it ended with a crash: The program said it cannot update itself due to lack of Administrator privilege.  I assure you, I am a Full-Admin user.


      A few days later, on a hunch I decided to give it another run.  This time, after again 10-15min of rattling with the disk, reading on the net back and forth, something really scary happened: I got a the Adobe Creative Cloud installed on my desktop.


      Well, Folks, Ladies and Gentlemen: I am against Clouds of any kind, decisively.


      I did not asked for it, I did not gave any consent for it on my node.  We have these days GBytes of core memory, and untold TB's in drive space for pennies on a dollar.  We have portable drives powered by USB3 with TB's.. Why on earth would I risk exposing my data, my property and my privacy by storing data on unknown places??  This is a madness prescribed by software managers, who calculate more business for themselves, or dictated by the "follow the leading sheep" mentality: we all need now to sell SaaS and PaaS, correct?  Of course, these days, many people elect to expose themselves on the web anyways. First was the MySpace, than when this pest died off, an endemic called Facebook happened. If their member numbers are true, that is, what I personally do not believe.


      Anyways, after have lost yet another chunk of my life, I uninstalled the "Creative Cloud", run all sorts of memory, registry, and drive cleanup utilities, and that's that for my Cloud-tivity.  I am probably a day older.  I prefer I would have been asked.  Both sides would have avoided some stress and unnecessary hassle.

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          ManiacJoe Adobe Community Professional

          I agree that it would be nice if Adobe and the other software makers were a bit more open about what all the individual programs do.


          You have nothing to worry about with the "creative cloud" apps; it is largely a marketing thing. All the apps are installed locally; all your pictures are stored locally on your computer. The only way for copies of any of your images to go into "the cloud" is for you to explicitly request that they do.