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    Lightroom not syncing catalogs


      Since the last update to CC I have had issues with my catalog. If I have two copies of a file on different drives, I can't sync the folder/files. Example: I have some files on my LAcie Thunderbolt which is my working drive. I import files make copies and adjustments and sync the folders as I am working. When I am finished I copy a folder including subfolders to another external drive for backup because I only have 500GB on my Lacie working drive. The files get copied over and they show up in the finder. When I try to sync the folder on the second drive it shows all the photos but they are greyed out and clicking on an image shows "Already Imported".


      Obviously a bug has been introduced into the new update where the Lightroom catalog will not accept duplicate copies in the catalog, even though they are on separate drives. I have been doing this for years and never had a problem, now with the update this is happening. Adobe, please fix ASAP.