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    My eBook device constantly throws E_ADEPT_CORE_USER_NOT_ACTIVATED, but my Adobe ID is registered with the device, how do I fix this problem?


      I tried to get this problem fixed over at chat but they weren't at all helpful.


      The problem is I have a Tolino Shine, and for whatever reason when I connected it to my Surface Pro 3 so that it would charge the Adobe DRM authorization was lost. So when I went to reactivate it in the book I realized I had forgotten the password. So I went to the Adobe website and requested a password change, and changed it. I then went back to my Tolino and activated the Adobe ID there and all seemed good, until I tried to read a book. It tells me that the Adobe DRM is not activated and throws the E_ADEPT_CORE_USER_NOT_ACTIVATED error.


      How can I fix this problem?