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    How do I update 5.7 to 6.x (Windows)


      Sorry if this question is dumber than dirt, but I have Lightroom 5.7 on Windows, it says that no new updates are available.  Can anyone tell me how to get 6.x?  I've looked all over the Adobe site and in my CC account (I have the digital photography plan) but I don't see anything helpful (and not to sound passive aggressive here but why isn't it just an "Update" button like every other software on the planet...?).  When I log in to my Creative Cloud Account, all I can find is a download for a trial, but it doesn't tell me what version.  Should I download that and run the installer, or will that just nuke my settings and catalog and make me do the Registration Dance of Infinite Pain all over again (again, sorry to sound passive aggressive but....I am)?  Any help much appreciated!  Best, David