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    Cinema 4D lit not working

    David Mattingly

      Cinema 4D lite inside of After Effects has been working fine, but just today I stated getting this warning:


      AEGP Plugnin CINEWARE scenelayer: CINERENDER-Connection Failure ( 5027:: 12 )


      Now the Chinaware file inside of AE just looks black. When I edit the C4D file, everything is fine, but inside of after effects, nothing!


      I found this on creative cow, and tried it:

      Changing the TCP port to 2027 worked for me too, but I also had to purge my memory and disk cache (Edit - Purge - All memory and disk cache), then quit and reopen after effects for the changes to take effect.


      But that didn't fix it. Any help would be much appreciated!

      David Mattingly