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    The future of Director

    violet313 Level 1

      Hiya Team Adobe!


      Despite the fact that with every passing day, (once competing) 3D softwares such has Unity continue to gain ground; you clearly have little interest in Director's ongoing development..


      Therefore: pls pls now do the right thing & just hand the Director software source codes over to the community!


      It's a no brainer! really: an excellent publicity opportunity to shine you guys in a very good light!


      Cheers dudes, you know it makes vv good sense!


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          Minds Eye Level 1

          It would be good to make Director open-source.

          I got very excited a few years back when Adobe finally started creating some updates but I found the rate of development was just depressing. It's a real shame - it used to be such a great product. I haven't used Director for a long time now...