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    Passing a FileReference objet over a LocalConnection

      Since the flash 10 fileReference security update, my uploader has had to reworked. The uploader has 2 parts, one is the backbone with all the fileReference objects, and the other is a manager that is the core UI. The two SWFs communicate through a LocalConnection. The site where the uploader is implemented is a fully dynamic AJAX site, and the objective was the create a system that would allow users to upload files while still being able to browse the site... and keep everything in the same window.

      All was well until the flash 10 fileReference security update. I understand why the update was made, but I'm still looking for a solution to my problem. Now that the update requires a MouseEvent in order to open the browse() method, I'm having troubles getting my FileRefence objects to the backbone. Before I called a function over a LocalConnection to trigger a FileReference.browse() method in the backbone so I could store the fileRefence objects there, but that solution no longer works. I have tried passing the FileReference objects over a LocalConnection (objects keep their class thanks to the DevArc LocalConnectionManager) but the FileReference object is empty.

      I have tried serializing the object with .writeObject(), but again when I .readObject() I end up with a fileReference object but with no properties. Any ideas if there is a solution here?

      Thanks in advance.