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    Library items not retaining correct hotspot


      Hello! I started with Dreamweaver customer support, but they suggested I try here for help. They were unable to help me.

      I built a gif that has all of my organization's sponsors at each level. I put those into library files in the main template.  Each library file has hotspots for links.


      When I put the library files into the template, it messes up the hotspots. The library will only take the hotspots of the library above it….???  Here is the template file. You can see the gold sponsors have hotspots embedded so their logos will be linked.   Then look at the Silver Sponsors…. they have the Gold hotspots….?





      Here is the Silver library file with the appropriate hotspots….




      As you can see, these hotspots do not appear in the template.


      I have deleted and replaced these library files, and here’s what’s weird…. If I put the Silver one on top, then it forces the Silver hotspots on top of the Gold library file. Essentially, whichever one is on top, that’s the one it applies it to.


      HELP!!!  Any ideas?  Here is some of the code, and you can see it has the correct hot spots in the code....