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    Just Upgraded to CC, what happened to my bleeds??? (And yes, I do have bleed settings turned on!)


      Hey friendly people! I'm trying to figure out how to make sure the content of my bleeds actually show up in PDF format.


      I need the bleed for the printer -- the only way to make sure the color actually bleeds, and you don't end up with a weird line of white around the side of the poster.


      Here's what the margin and bleed of the image looks like in InDesign:


      The gradient is supposed to bleed off the page, as you can see.

      And here are my document settings:


      And here are my export PDF settings:




      Now, here's what is created:


      See how the gradient does NOT actually bleed over? Somehow the export is cropping out the gradient, but then still adding space and marks for the bleed.


      What gives? How the heck can I get this thing to bleed? (That's a weird sentence if taken out of context...)


      For now, I'm just going to send to the printer and hope they can make it work, but any help or advice is very much appreciated.


      I'm on a PC, Windows 7, running Indesign CC 2015.