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    Verity Spider - Bad Keys

    TiGGi Level 1
      This is my spider:
      C:\CFusionMX7\verity\k2\_nti40\bin\vspider -style C:\CFusionMX7\verity\Data\stylesets\ColdFusionVspider\ -collection C:\CFusionMX7\verity\collections\RHSpider -start http://localhost -cgiok -abspath -reparse -indmimeinclude text/* -indmimeexclude text/css -prefixmap spidermap.txt -loglevel verbose
      It looks like it runs fine, as it scrolls I can see buch of inserts, 404's and so on.
      When it comes to the end it says 2233 documents subited for insert, but then it says that it found 2233 bad keys.
      So it doesn't adds anything to the collection. Does any1 knows why it's doing this?
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          jamie jackson
          I'm getting the same thing now with CFMX 7. None of my documents seem to be getting indexed, though they're crawled alright:

          Summary: vspider (ind002117) Bad key http://localhost:9501/index.cfm.
          Summary: vspider (ind002117) Bad key http://localhost:9501/qa/index.cfm.

          I found an explanation, but it doesn't seem to apply:

          2117 Bad key %s
          The URL given cannot be indexed. Usually this occurs when indexing a CGI URL.There are either strange characters in the URL, or it does not exist.

          Nope, no strange characters here, and the spider crawled and found these pages, but didn't index them.

          Please help, I'm stuck.

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            mikozak Level 1
            You will want to check for CFMX7 updaters. There is mention of Verity problems that are fixed by the updaters. I too am having problems with Verity when upgrading from CF5 to CFMX7. My admins are in the middle of applying the updaters to see if that corrects the problems I am having.
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              jamie jackson Level 1
              Thanks for the reply.

              Unfortunately, I think I'm already up-to-date. My CFMX admin shows version 7,0,2,142559.

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                jamie jackson Level 1
                ...final bump before giving up on this thread. Thanks, Jamie.
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                  jamie jackson Level 1
                  Okay, I think I've got it figured out. I misread a tech note before that I thought didn't apply to CFMX 7.0.2, but it does.

                  I've attached (below) a log snippet that illustrates the problem.

                  Here's what to do to fix it: Follow the tech note linked above; however, the only thing in that article that doesn't apply to 7.0.2 is the part about downloading the files. These files are already included in 7.0.2. (The article mentions this, but it wasn't perfectly clear to me on the first read.)

                  So, in short, to fix the problem:

                  1. Add this to your start params: "-style D:\jrun4\verity\Data\stylesets\ColdFusionVspider" (Use the appropriate path to this folder on your server.)
                  2. Create the collection by allowing vspider to run, NOT, by creating the collection through CFMX
                  3. "Create" the collection (which actually already exists, but which cf doesn't yet know about) through via the CFMX Admin. Use "englishx" language and uncheck the "enable category support" checkbox


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                    jamie jackson Level 1
                    For my own information, I also needed this blog info (which refers to this tech note), because I was getting this type of error when registering the collection through the cf admin:

                    Error opening the collection: com.verity.organize.WorkSpaceException: Path not found [VdkError_PathNotFound]. (-104)
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                      AmadorCF Level 1
                      Any other ideas?, I'm having the same issue.. had no problem getting vspider to work with MX 6.1 but keep getting this in MX7
                      Progress: [vspider] (ind010020) Vspider summary: Submitted 0 documents for insert, 0 documents for deletion, 9 8 documents for update;
                      Progress: [vspider] (ind010021) Vspider summary: Indexed 0 documents, Deleted 0 documents, 98 bad documents;
                      Progress: [vspider] (ind010022) Vspider summary: Skipped 537 keys, including 1 duplicate documents rejected;
                      Progress: [vspider] (ind010023) Vspider summary: Failed to fetch 395 keys.
                      vspider done

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                        AmadorCF Level 1
                        OH, BTW already did the steps suggested in this topic before I posted still no go..