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    LR6 Book module - orange rims around images


      Recently I made a book in LR6 and sent it to Blurb for printing. When the book arrived, there were orange rims around the images on several pages (4 out of 84) and under the images there was writing that looked like the letters and numbers on transparencies. All of the images in the book were from digital cameras, and the rims appeared around images from different cameras. I did not notice the rims while constructing the book, or if I did, I assumed they were non-printing marks as I had all the guides visible. Unfortunately, Blurb tells me this is a LR issue (which it is), so my ~$100 book (x 4) is not as perfect as I'd like. Has anyone else seen this, and how did you fix it? As a matter of interest, when I delete the image, the marks remain on the page.