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    Lightroom CC 2015 - import speed and questions


      I Just upgraded from 5.7, and am curious if there are (hopefully) plans to either optimize the new import process or offer a "classic" version?  I'm importing only about 20 new images, it took about a full minute for the new import screen to load, and navigating to the folder where the new images are was pretty sluggish.  I think the problem may be that it's trying to anticipate me by finding images and generating thumbnails all over my computer before I've even selected a source directory.  Is there any way to stop that behavior?  Ideally all I want is a simple explorer pane with drives and directories on the left, file names on the right, no fancy graphics or helpful predictive behavior needed (No thumbnails would be fantastic as an option actually.)


      If anyone knows of way to turn off the bells and whistles here I'd love to know, if not, I'd like to humbly suggest those features for future versions, and hopefully other folks will chime in too.