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    photos missing from import screen?


      After using Lightroom 3 for several years, yesterday it suddenly stopped showing some of the photos I'd selected for import then imported. The photos made it into my Mac system photo backup, however, so they'd been imported, they just weren't showing up on the screen in Lightroom. The compact flash card was automatically ejected after "import," as per my settings. I don't think there are any problems with the images, either with their integrity or because of corruption -  by repeatedly disconnecting and reconnecting my card reader and selecting (again) the photos that had been missing, I was able to get them all imported and show up on the screen... after going through that process four times, because the problem kept recurring. Any ideas about what might be causing this? It happened after my startup disk got full and I had to remove a lot of big files from the laptop - but I've had a full startup disk plenty of times before, removed files, and had no problems wiith Lightroom. Any ideas? Thanks!