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    Is it possible to lock either the video or audio track??

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      I am trying to copy and paste a short segment  of audio to re-use in another movie.  Coming from Pinnacle Studio this was done by locking the video track and copying the segment of the audio track and pasting it in a different part of the timeline.  How would this be done in Premiere Elements 14??

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          What computer operating system?


          No locked tracks.


          What do you want to do...


          a. use a portion of an audio segment in one project and then copy it for use it in another project


          b. use a portion of an audio file in another part of the same project?


          You cannot copy/paste insert between projects in Premiere Elements unless on Windows, and then it is ClipMate in associated with Premiere Elements.

          ATR Premiere Elements Troubleshooting: PE: ClipMate Copy/Paste Between Projects

          It should work for Premiere Elements 14, but I have only tested up to 13/13.1.


          Rather than cut the Timeline audio to get the segment for copy/paste, consider dragging another instance of the audio to the far right of Timeline, doing your cuts there, and dragging the cut into place within the same project.


          Depending on what you want to do, you can set the gray tabs of the Work Area Bar to span the Timeline audio segment that you want. You do have to unlink video audio. Then go to Export & Share/Audio/WAV and critical put a check mark next to Share Work Area Bar Only before you hit Save. Then import that segment from the hard drive save location into your Premiere Elements project using the project's Add Media/Files and Folders.


          Please consider. If any questions or need clarification,  please ask.