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    Premiere Elements 10: White playback screen and incompatible display driver error


      I've been working on a project and I brought my laptop into work to complete it, but now I can't playback the video - I just get a white screen (if I click on the screen I see a still from the video, but it wont play anything but white).


      Before this happened I got an error message (below)


      Adobe problem.JPG

      So I checked the forums, and I've done the following:

      1. I've updated the driver to my graphics card, still not working. I've then rolled the driver back. Still not working, I've updated again, still not working.

      2. I've updated to the latest quicktime

      3. I've uninstalled Premiere Elements 10, and reinstalled again.

      4. I've deleted BadDrivers.txt


      None of this has helped. Any ideas? (I really need to get this project done and out!)


      System info:

      Toshiba Satellite L50-B

      i7-4500U 2.4 GHz

      8GB Ram

      AMD Radeon R7 M260 GPU

      64bit Windows 10 Home