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    Launching external apps from projectors (hybrid)

      I have been having a problem trying to launch a PDF from the flash projector. I am on a mac, so it seems I am out of luck when it comes to using Jstart.

      My questions are:
      1. Is there a way to launch PDF, Word, etc from a projector WITHOUT using 3rd party software?

      2. When creating a hybrid CD/DVD, are there different methods for both platforms for launching PDF and Word documents?

      3. What is the EXACT syntax used for fscommand? I have found at least 3 different variations, and experimenting with all has gotten me nowhere. For example, forward or backslashes? Slashes or colons? Absolute paths or relative?

      4. Is it, or is it NOT necessary to include the external applications (PDF, Word, etc) on your CD/DVD?

      I have been searching forums/google and have found nothing helpful. Feel free to email - nichole@synkotic.com

      Looking forward to some help. Thanks!