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    Custom Calendar

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      Hey there,

      could anyone help me find a tutorial on creating a calendar in flash controlled by actionscript? I am working with a programmer on a project where he will be creating a program where users can enter data into specific days on the calendar. He will be using XML, however, he does not know actionscript. I know some actionscript, however, have not had any experience with customizing components, let alone attach it to another program.

      My job is to construct one that will have different icons on days with events on them. On clicking on a specific day, the viewer will get a display of the events on that day.

      I'm not sure if I can use the calendar component and customize it for my needs, or make one from scratch. Any recommendations would be appreciated. As I said, I'm completely new to components, so a little guidance would help. I may be in over my head here, but I figure if I can find a flash file that has an example calendar, this would help me out greatly.


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          Mister Peanut Level 1
          I am also looking for the themes folder on my computer to customize appearances of my components. I cannot seem to find the file folder. Any suggestions?
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            bu bu bump!

            so looking at various flash websites like flashmove.com, actionscript.org, learnflash.com, and others, I haven't found anything close to a calendar tutorial. Likewise, there are no fla files in any themes folder located in my flash file folders. The help menu directs me to this folder of component themes which I can't find or don't have. Any suggestions? Help?

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              Mister Peanut Level 1

              I will check it out!


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                Mister Peanut Level 1
                Hey, Thank you so much for the calendar! It works great, and is almost what I want to do. You are a Wizard genius, by the way, and I highly recommend seeing the movie 'Best in Show'.

                Maybe you could give me advice on where to go from here. I would like to customise the look of the calendar, and design everything from the ground up. How hard would it be to either:

                a) redesign the calendar component

                b) construct a calendar with actionscript, and design everything in it (for this, I would definitely need a tutorial, or something premade).

                Maybe it would help if I elaborate on what I am trying to do. I am trying to design a biddin calender in which members can immediately see on a monthly calendar the number of individual bids on each day. So ultimately, it would be nice to have a page-sized calendar of my own design, that would be populated with any number of icons on any given day to indicate how many bids are due on that day. Or, if this is too difficult, a colour coding system which specific colours would represent a specific number of bids.

                I have tried to find the component graphics on my hard drive so that I can customise the the look of the calendar, but I can't find them anywhere. I know they are coming from somewhere, so maybe you could suggest where to find them. I have looked in the help directory where they show where the file folder is, but the folders listed do not exist on my system. Sorry to be such a noob.

                Cheers in advance

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                  Mister Peanut Level 1
                  any suggestions?


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                    Dj... God Lov....
                    Wao, I saw the tutorial, I was wonder the way to customise the Calendar Component, I did't find any information, I test this and my calendar run perfectly...

                    Thanx so much for share your knowlegdes!
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                      TO: NSurveyor

                      Thanks for the great ActionScript code and explanation on the Google Groups site. I've been working (and experimenting) with your code most of the day. I'm trying to accomplish two things (without sucess so far).

                      First, is there a way to set up repeating events? For example, in a calendar designed to show what hours the library is open, is it possible to have one event in the XML file that will automatically repeat to say that the library is closed every Sunday? And one event in the XML to repeat the same hours every Monday-Saturday? And still be able to override the repeating event for occasions when the hours change, such as during holidays and school breaks? It seems a waste of code to list every single date as a separate event when the description and info fields would be the same so often.

                      The second thing I'm trying to do is to give some dates a different background color from others, so that the dates the library is closed are visually different from the dates the library is open. I'm hoping this can be done with a simple "if else" statement, but I haven't made it work yet.

                      Any ideas and suggestions are welcome.