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    I want to cancel my order for creative stock service of monthly plan




      I want to cancel or return my order for creative stock service of month payment plan. 

      I was trying to call your service number 0269682817, but there is something error to fail.


      Please detail as following information.


      Customer 447542472

      Customer Order Number  DS918353005DT 

      Order Number 5003981761 

      Product number  65262805 PPSK,ALL,MLP,ERR01,EUW,001,N/A


      Amount Paid   EUR 34.16


      Customer Order Number: DS918353005DT

      Product number 65261065 STKS,ALL,MLP,ERR01,EUW,001,N/A 

      Invoice Number: IEE2015002279784 

      Amount Paid   EUR 25.17



      Customer Order  RMA067689154011

      Product number 65231833 PHLT,ALL,MLP,ERR01,EUW,001,N/A,1 YR RNW

      Invoice Number: IEE2015002271657

      Amount Paid  EUR 2.90


      please kindly help me and feedback to me, Thank you