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    CFGrid Woes

      I am having issues with CFGrid update onChange()

      Here is the dynamic form I am using to populate the Grid (this works and is here just for code completeness) and the update file as well .... I am binding in the url vs a cfc at the moment. What occurs is when I edit the grid I recieve an undefined error in IE and _251 is undefined in Firefox line 418 cfajax.js I do not think I am reaching the point where the data is updated.

      Is this something stupid I am doing? or if not ...

      Does anyone have a fix for this? or is this a known issue when using the html format version of cfgrid? if so is there any expectation of a fix for this issue?


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          tmessier Level 1

          Any answer to this problem? Adobe? Anybody? I'm having the same error and I've tried pretty much everything, including debugging the JS in cfgrid.js and cfajax.js. Here's the code I'm using:


          <cfgrid name="mygrid" autowidth="true" selectmode="edit"  format="html" onChange="url:../save.cfm?gridaction={cfgridaction}&gridrow={cfgridrow}&gridchanged={cfgr idchanged}" bind="url:../bind.cfm?cfc=admin.departments&fn=getDepartmentsGrid&page={cfgridpage}&pages ize={cfgridpagesize}&sortCol={cfgridsortcolumn}&sortdir={cfgridsortdirection}">
                  <cfgridcolumn name="unit_id_alt" header="Code" >
                  <cfgridcolumn name="unit_number" header="Name" >


          The bind works fine, but the onchange doesn't. The ajax request doesn't even fire, a javascript error occurs before. From the debugging I did, it seems related to a _cf_gridchangecallback function argument being undefined. Haven't been able to figure out why.