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    Address merge 4-up while keeping in order by stack (not staggered) with InDesign

    VicoDrive Level 1

      I have to print 3500 addressed postcard mailers.  These have to be kept in zip order.  The way we want to print this is 4 up on 12x18.  I know how to use the merge feature to print 4 sets of addresses on one page but the problem with this, it organizes in a staggered fashion.  We want this to be done in a way where we cut the 12x18 into 4 even stacks that can be stacked together and be in order.  Does this make any sense??


      What I have tried is making 4 separate merged PDF files of 875 pages each and using the scripts that come with Indesign to auto place the PDFs on 875 pages.  I figure that I could place 4 layers of PDF's with the addresses over each other.  The problem with this is when Im placing the 2nd set of pages, even though I tell it to place on page 1, it goes to page 876. 


      Im trying everything I can think of to trick it into laying out the merge or PDF's in a stacked fashion but no luck.  Anyone have any ideas?