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    Dataset or not to Dataset?

      I am building an image view component in Flash 8. I thought I would be cool and parse a XML file and pump it into a dataset. My XML file isn't very complex at the moment, but you never know. Anyway, for some reason when I test my application I need to perform a "simulate download" in order for the dataset to become active. When I publish the app nothing works, because the dataset never gets initiated. I have used a dataset before without any issue, but for some reason I am having trouble.

      I was hoping to use a dataset because of its flexibility. Would a set of arrays be a better choice because of overhead? I have attached my code to this message. Also, jsut as a note, the dataset is initiated in frame 3 and the XML function doesn’t happen until frame 4. When I trace the length of the dataset is is "undefined". I have another application that works just fine and uses, basically, the same code. The XML file is of the same structure. TIA