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    Lightroom loses NAS file locations after external editing in photoshop


      When I use Lightroom and use the command to edit my RAW files in Photoshop and then save and close Photoshop, then Lightroom loses the locations of my files.

      Indeed, in my test, the original RAW file that I edited was located on my NAS server in "/Volumes/home/something-private/Photos/original/_DSH4794.NEF". Photoshop successfully saved the new edited file in the same folder as "/Volumes/home/something-private/Photos/original/_DSH4794-Edit-2.tif" but Lightroom was looking for it in "/home/something-private/Photos/original/_DSH4794-Edit-2.tif".

      It seems Lightroom is pulling off the beginning part "/Volumes" of the file path and I have to tell Lightroom where the file really is for it to rebuild the link. Any idea how to fix this?


      I am working with the following configuration:

      - Mac OS X Yosemite 10.10.5

      - Home made NAS server (freenas) for storing all my RAW files

      - Lightroom version: CC 2015.2.1

      - Adobe Photoshop Version: 2015.0.1


      On 2015-12-08, it is still the same problem with Lightroom version: CC 2015.3 and Adobe Photoshop Version: 2015.1 unfortunately!