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    Dropdown list doesn't fire Change Event


      Hi Everyone,


      I develop a GUI application which has a main dialog with various dropdown lists in it. From the main dialog, I have a "change" event listener connected to a dropdown list, the callback of which opens a second dialog when the dropdown list value is changed as below:


           WindowOne.checkBox.addEventListener("change", WindowOne.openWindow, false);


      Now, in the second dialog, I have another dropdown list which has, in its turn, another "change" event listener attached to it, this time the callback of the "change" event changes the value of a checkbox from "false" to true.



                WindowTwo.simpleDropDownList.onChange = function()


                   WindowTwo.checkBox.value = true;



      However, the last event is not fired. Now, the interesting part is that if I launch a "click" event from a button in the first window, the callback of which opens the second dialog, then the event of the dropdown list in the second dialog is fired correctly.


      Does anyone know anything about this strange behavior? I need to say, this happens only in Mac Os but not in Windows.


      Thanks in advance!