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    Too many problems with last version of Lightroom


      hi all,

      i have too many problems with the last version of Lightroom (CC 2015.2.1 1046594 )

      Actually, the last 3 or 4 version were bad: instead of make it better, i had always more problems.


      So i'd like to come back some previous version of lightroom


      adobe customar care, in italy, is useless:

      they are able just to:

      - looking for answer on this forum

      - say "you will solve your problems just with de-insall and re-install this"

      stop, no more..


      in this way they create me a lot fo iusses..

      i use the english version of PS, and LR, but they did me reinstall the italian version of CC because it was blocked


      the result was that CC didn't recognize the softwares, because of another language version


      so, i contacted again Adobe Customer Care.. they told me "no problem, de-install LR, delete these folders, and install this"..

      i did it and i loose 2 years of develop settings about the color correction for my clients because they told me to delete a folder i need!!!


      so, i'm asking you now if there is a way to come back to a previous version of lightroom, any previous version..

      i never found better performances in the newer versions..

      i always found, slower performances, more problems..


      personal idea: i don't understand why adobe are boicotting itself, but i think it are doing it!


      thank you all