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    InDesign CC Crashes and corrupted files


      Halting work until I solve this one. InDesign CC crashes on startup periodically, but mostly upon opening files recently worked on. Once that happens, those files are toast. Cannot open on other machines either.


      All this has happened since update last week.  Updated again this morning...still having same issues.


      Messages include:

      When opening corrupted file: "Could not complete your request because of database error."

      Usually InDesign just crashes trying to open up those files. I then re-launch, it crashes on relaunch. Third time is the charm and I get autorecovery window. If I choose autorecovery, it crashes again.

      No rhyme or reason to files that corrupt (and I have seen the word corrupt a few times on screen, but did not write it down).


      I have tried renaming the defaults and the preferences file to no avail.


      Windows 7

      InDesign CC - 2015.1 Release

      Build x64