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    A7Rmk2 RAW file cannot open in LIGHTROOM 6

    kwan man fai

      Dear all


      I used Lightrrom 5.71 as before, when I bought a new camera SONY A7Rmark2, however the new RAW file cannot open in Lightroom 5


      I know Lightroom 5 - no more updated .  And I heard some guys said " Lightroom 6"  can  open the A7R MARK 2 RAW file.


      Therefore I went to computer shop to buy the new Lightroom 6 software to home and installed it.


      Unfortunately, A7Rmark 2 RAW File still cannot open.  Would you let me know ANY NEW LIGHTROOM 6 UPDATED FILE or LINK to let me solve this problem.


      Thank you very much for your help and look forward to hearing the solution.


      Urgent and best reagrds

      Raymond Kwan