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    Unintentional Page Break?


      InDesign has generated a page break in the middle of my document. I haven't accidentally used the keypad "enter". Whether I delete the whole page and start over with auto page creation or make the pages myself, whether I hand type the next "return" or not, whether I let InDesign wrap the last line of text or not, it always page breaks! I've even gone to the line before the errant page break and hand typed out the text but when that happens it still page breaks! I've already got edges and hidden keystrokes shown, (there's nothing there). I've gone into Paragraph Style Sheets to see if there's some sort of errant default...nothing! Wondering if I'm going to have to create a double PDF and join this book's two halves in Acrobat Pro after editing!    Just thought some hotshot would know where this crazy command is coming from. Anyone know more than the usual suspects? Any thoughts are greatly appreciated.