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    Deciding which plan


      I'm working on a project right now and believe I'll need around 100 images. When another project comes along, but I don't know when, I'll likely want more images. So my problem is figuring out which Adobe Stock plan to go with today. Obviously a 10 per month plan won't meet my immediate needs, and then I'd rather not get locked into a year long contract when I may or may not want additional images. So then the only other alternative is jumping all the way up to a 750 per month plan. Really, those the only options?


      I'd consider the 750 image month to month plan. The price per image is great and that would meet my immediate needs. But, there's no way I could take the time to select 750 images in a month. So question - if I go with that plan and cancel at the end of my month, what happens to any unclaimed images? Can I continue to download them, or do they just go away?