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    Issue with Acrobat Standard DC?

    Claire Fain



      Good afternoon and trust all is well.


      Recently we are having problems with the DC edition of Adobe, on both Standard and Reader.


      Our issue was that we weren't able to open ALL .pdf files using the DC edition, especially those .pdf files there were converted from Excel or generated directly through IRIS (a third party accountancy software). We keep getting the error "The file cannot be opened (14)".


      The reason why we are pretty sure it is problem with the DC edition, is that we have had no issue whatsoever with Adobe Acrobat Standard v11 or Reader XI.


      Also, when we use another PDF reader (Sumartra), we have no problem opening these .pdf files too. However, we purchased a few Acrobat Standard DC recently and we are tied with the licneses.


      Just want to know is there anyone experiencing the same problem? Is Adobe going to publish a fix?


      Thanks in advance for your help.