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    Lightroom: location metadata

    Marmot Resources

      Using Lightroom 4.4 on Windows 7.  Excellent product but I need help understanding metadata.  I currently add location keywords e.g. UK, Essex, Colchester.  However, I see that the metadata has location fields under the 'location' tab.

      Having filled these in and then exported the picture+metadata, I don't see the location info [e.g. using windows explorer/properties.]


      Is the location information part of the EXIF details?

      Can location data [not just GPS] be accessed by commonly used software or just within other Adobe packages?

      What simple/free product is available to view photos and location metadata without using Lightroom as I often send exported files to other people who will not have the software that I have.

      I need a simple explanation please or links to explain the principles involved.

      Thank you.

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          Marmot Resources Level 1



          Any chance of a reply from Adobe/Lightroom please?

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            sarsaxen Adobe Employee (Admin)

            Hi Marmot Resources,


            We apologize for the inconvenience.


            Would you please check whether while exporting an image from the Lightroom the Remove location info box is checked or not ?





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              Marmot Resources Level 1

              Thanks for your response.


              Confirming that the 'Remove location info' is not ticked and when I export I get the GPS info in the 'properties' - so I'm not suggesting that Lightroom is faulty or I'm necessarily doing something wrong.


              Its just that I don't see the specific location details e.g. country, state, city, etc.


              I just want to understand if this detailed info [country, state, city, etc] is stored in the exif or other associated files when exported.

              OR do I rely on the receiving package to decode the GPS data, if it can - obviously software like windows explorer doesn't do that.


              Is there a simple explanation or video that explains that?  Julieanne Kost's tutorial on mapping is good but it doesn't explain how/where the location info is stored.


              Many thanks.

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                johnrellis Most Valuable Participant

                Sublocation, City, State/Province, Country, and ISO Country Code are stored in metadata fields in the photo file.  These fields are in the IPTC and XMP sections of the metadata, not the EXIF section.  Many other programs read the IPTC and XMP location metadata, but it appears that Windows File Explorer does not. 


                Something to be aware of: If LR has automatically added the location fields based on the GPS coordinates, then those fields will appear grey (Mac) or italics (Windows).  These "address suggestions" won't be included in exported files unless you have the option Catalog Settings > Metadata > Export Address Suggestions selected.

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                  Marmot Resources Level 1

                  Dear John


                  Many thanks. That's a clear simple explanation which I an understand and action.


                  A big thank you.