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    InDesign CS6 Keeps Crashing




      Can someone help me, please? InDesign CS6 keeps crashing every time I start it up. I apologize ahead of time if I sound like a broken record, but I have read through most of the other post that had the same issue, but none of the suggestions fixed my issue. I have deleted my preferences and uninstalled and reinstalled InDesign CS6 multiple times. It even crashes when it is in trial mode after a clean reinstall.


      To give you more background information, my Macbook Pro crashed about a month ago. Once it was fixed, I migrated my information from my Time Machine backup and upgraded to Mac OS X 10.10. I needed to use InDesign CS6 for the first time since the crash yesterday (10/27/2015). This is when I noticed the issue. Photoshop and Illustrator CS6 both work perfectly fine.


      You can read the full crash report here:

      indcs6 - Pastebin.com