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    CF10 SAML Implemenration issue


      Hi All,


      i am implementing SAML 2.0 in Coldfusion 10. am seeing below issues when am using  jar files xmlsec-2.0 and  xmlsec-1.2.96


      org.apache.xml.security.c14n.InvalidCanonicalizerException: You must initialize the xml-security library correctly before you use it. Call the static method "org.apache.xml.security.Init.init();" to do that before you use any functionality from that library.

      at org.apache.xml.security.c14n.Canonicalizer.<init>(Canonicalizer.java:137)

      at org.apache.xml.security.c14n.Canonicalizer.getInstance(Canonicalizer.java:152)

      at org.apache.xml.security.signature.SignedInfo.<init>(SignedInfo.java:182)

      at org.apache.xml.security.signature.XMLSignature.<init>(XMLSignature.java:197)



      Please do need ful.




      Suresh Govinu