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    Question:Opening Nikon D7100 Raw files


      I just purchased a new Nikon D7100. After initial shoot, I tried to import RAW photos into IPhoto from the SanDisk Exteme card.  When I clicked "import photos" the screen read: "The following files could not be imported.  The file is in an unrecognized format".  The same screen message came up when I tried to import into Bridge.  For years, I have been importing photos from my Nikon D90 into IPhoto and Adobe Bridge with no problems.  I have the latest Adobe Camera RAW support installed (which specifically lists the D7100).  I have installed all updates for Photoshop CS6 and Adobe Bridge CS6.  What am I missing here to import these RAW photos?  Any advice is greatly appreciated.  Thanks!

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          JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          The D7100 requires at least Camera Raw 7.4. You may need to update your Camera Raw plug-in. What version of Camera Raw do you have installed? In Photoshop go to Help->About Plug-Ins->Camera Raw. It will tell you what version you are using.

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            mattm97665460 Level 1



            Thanks for response.  I am using Camera Raw 9.1.1.  I checked for all available Adobe updates today and got the message that all available updates are on my computer. I am wondering, just because they are downloaded perhaps something is not properly "installed"?  Any thoughts?



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              JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Did you actually check the way I suggested to make sure that Camera Raw 9.1 was installed? When you do that check in Photoshop you should see Camera Raw 9.1, and only that one version. The other question would be, did you happen to use Nikon Transfer to download your images? Some versions, particularly older ones, can make the files not reasonable by Adobe software.

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                ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                The D7100 has been supported since ACR 7.4 while the D7200 has been supported since ACR 9.0 so unless there is a severe update glitch ACR should be supporting your camera and the use of obsolete Nikon software would be the likely suspect as Jim says. 


                Open one of your D90 NEFs or any JPG and see what version is listed in the ACR title bar when the interface is not maximized or via PS / Help / Plug-ins / Camera Raw.


                If you are using older Nikon software to copy or even view the photos it WILL corrupt NEFs from newer cameras—Nikon admits this, and the solution is to retransfer the files from the camera or card without touching it with any Nikon software, using either the OS functions or perhaps LR, itself.


                If the original NEFs are no longer on the original media then you can use the utility from the following webpage to reverse the corruption for specific cameras:



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                  mattm97665460 Level 1

                  When I open PS / Help /, there is not any mention of "Plug-ins" on my selection list.  I can only see anything about plug-ins by clicking on "Photoshop" at far left bar, then "About Plug-in", then "Camera RAW".  I opened a D90 JPG and the version listed is I have never used Nikon software to load, copy or view my photos.  I always place the SD card into MAC for downloads and they automatically open IPhoto to then select for import.


                  There has to be an explaination for the D7100 images still showing as "unrecognized format". 

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                    JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    Have you tried just importing them from the card using Bridge? I can't think of an explanation as to why those NEF files don't open in Camera Raw.

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                      mattm97665460 Level 1



                      A few minutes ago I plugged in camera to download direct, then opened Bridge.  I was able to load and import photos from the camera!  A few days ago I had tried your last suggestion by importing photos from the card using Bridge, but "files in unrecognized format" continued to appear. 


                      Thanks for your suggestions and time!



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                        JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                        Maybe you've got some gremlins running around on your motherboard.

                        You might want to consider using a card reader, and just using Bridge to download your images.