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    Flash vs. Edge (html5)

    rdale1961 Level 1

      I am a current Flash CS6 user. I am wondering if my company needs to explore switching to Adobe Edge (html5) at this time. Are Flash banner ads still accepted widely enough to keep producing the for the time being? Is there a good way to convert Fla to html5?
      I am doing Edge tutorials with a 30-day Adobe Free trial, the tutorials seem kind of buggy however. Are there any better ones available?

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          jhtmk Level 3

          Yes your company needs to explore switching to Adobe Edge - it’s very powerful and easy to use and you can achieve a lot with it


          What tutorials are buggy?


          What tutorials do you want?


          Oder versions of Edge were built using jQuery and included it - a lot of older tutorials may not work because they assume the user is including the jQuery library which newer versions of Edge do not by default


          However you can add jQuery easily via the scripts panel click the +



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            Herbert2001 Level 4

            I think Adobe has made the decision for you: there are very, VERY strong indications that Edge Animate has been discontinued. For example, the product manager of EA was taken off the project a while ago (now works on a completely different product), and no-one has replaced her. No updates or news, not on the Edge Animate blog nor anywhere else, or any information relating to EA have been forthcoming from Adobe for a while, and the silence on Adobe's part is quite deafening. And the latest version is very buggy - so buggy in fact, that long-time users are advising us to stick with version 2014.1


            My colleagues at work also all agree that EA is dead. And one of my colleagues is a beta tester of EA: when I asked him last week about Animate's current situation, he actually told me he is unable to answer my question directly due to the NDA between him and Adobe!!! If that does not tell you something, I have no idea what will convince people here.

            The department at a technical university I teach at has already dropped Edge Animate in its classes.


            We (the instructor team) all agree that the signs are pointing at Adobe re-focusing their attention on Flash now to integrate EA tech into it. 


            My advice: stick with Flash for now, and wait for news from Adobe before you start investing your time and effort into learning an application which is no longer developed if we look at all the signs and read between the lines. In the meantime you might consider the use of Google Webdesigner, Hype, or NodeFire for html5 banner design. Google Webdesigner offers many templates, has a timeline like Edge, and is completely free. The other two products offer similar functions.

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              resdesign Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Herbert - I would like to note that Edge Animate and Flash HTML5 work totally differently. Animate is pure html 5 while Flash concentrated on CANVAS. Flash is very bulky and I am not sure I could do with it with what I do with Animate. I primarily do Educational comps.

              I am currently exploring other venues to see if what I do with EA would work in a similar way. I am testing nodefire currently as well as some other software.


              I am very disappointed with the current situation. I invested several years with EA since preview 1 answering lots of questions here. I think Animate is a great product, at least until version 2014.0.1 which I use daily. But the current situation makes me nervous. I know we can use Animate forever without updates but will it work with new versions of Browsers? I remember under version 3, Animate was broken by FF and they had to deliver a patch pretty fast. What if something like that happens now? Will there be a patch?


              I am not even sure there is an Adobe personnel watching this forum. I am still monitoring the forum but I am not sure I will continue as soon as I find a replacement for EA.



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                Herbert2001 Level 4

                You are right - Flash is bulky, and uses canvas. What I understand is that Flash might gain similar output options as EA. MIGHT. So I will wait what happens with Flash, and pray for the best. But I am not enamoured

                by the prospect of having to use Flash again - Been there, Done that. The past.

                And yes: currently our best course of action is to explore other non-Adobe options (Adobe does not have anything in their arsenal which replaces EA).


                It is a bit of a sad state of affairs. I also doubt anyone from Adobe is monitoring these conversations.

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                  Tomasz Rożyński Level 1


                  I hope Adobe Edge Animate will still growing because this is so amazing software.

                  I think there is some "better" things in AE. My favorite is : controll different keyframes in the same time. This is huuuge different.

                  Working in Adobe Edge is more similar to working in Adobe After Effects.


                  I creating ad banners in AE for my clients and this tool have "flow".