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    Colormunki + Yosemite = no joy for display profiling

    rmphoto Level 1

      device: Colormunki Design (the white one)

      software: Colorminki v1.2.0

      OSX 10.10.5


      Trying to profile a monitor with the Colormunki.


      I connect the device and am notified via OSX Notifications that it's recognized.

      I launch the Colormunki software.

      In the left column under Resources, the device is listed.

      Click on the device and the software sees device details: S/N and everything.

      But the "calibrate" button is grayed out, so I'm stuck.

      I click on Display Profiling under Resources, then click "profile display" and again, nothing. It's as if there's a missing connection within the software.


      This behavior is the same with the device plugged into USB 2.0 port as well as USB 3.0 port.


      Anyone having the same issue?

      Any solutions?


      (Andrew - I know you've pointed out in the past the X-Rite experience: great devices, dicey software. Is this what I'm dealing with?)