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    TimeLapse - Timeline brightness control for sunrise - like audio fade-in ? ? ? ?


      Sunrise starting in the dark, time lapse: I've taken a sequence of stills with an SLR of a sunrise. The camera made an automatic exposure adjustment along the way, so the first trame is pretty light but i want to correct that and make it quite dark. The sequence is about 100 still images, each one is to show for 3 frames. The brightness of each still can be individually controlled, i want to just make a scale like an audio fade-in or fade out, but it will be over 80-85 still images. There should just be two points of control - one at the beginning where i'm going to make it dark with a brightness of 10-12 or so, and the point where the brightness climbs to 100, 85 images into the sequence, or about 9 seconds into the resultant video.


      Is there an easy way to do this?


      I'm using Premier Elements 11 on a PC.