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    Add-ons Issue.

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      I can't install the Add-ons that I bought for Lightroom. Is some Preset, I click on Install in "My add-ons" page and show Remove button. https://creative.adobe.com/addons/patches/22134#.VjFTaa4vddA

      I go to Lightroom but nothing is installed, I can't see any downloaded files, I have the Adobe Creative Cloud App installed on my MacBook, is synchronized on, but I don't really know how to install this Presets.

      The Lightroom version is the last one, I have El Capitan.

      I had tryed to install another extension for Illustrator but is the same.

      I had tryed with Adobe Extension Manager but I can't see all the applications installed on the left, is all empty.

      Schermata 2015-10-28 alle 23.59.42.png

      Schermata 2015-10-29 alle 00.02.17.png

      Someone can help me please?

      Sorry for my english



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          Pattie-F Level 7

          moving to Lightroom forum

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            Mrinmay Majhi Adobe Employee

            Hi rbnz.art,


            Please check you downloads folder for the plugin.

            You may have to extract the file from the zipped folder.


            Once you find it, follow the below steps to add the plugin to Lightroom

            > Launch Lightroom

            > Click on Develop module

            > In the left hand side pane, right click on the User preset folder and click on Import in which you want to import it.(You may consider to create a new folder first).

            > Navigate to the location of the plugin you have downloaded.

            > Select the plugin and click on Import


            Let me know if this helps.




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              rbnz.art Level 1

              hi, I'm Soru but nothing grave start ti download, I don't have downloaded nothing.

              how can install this and all other add Ons? I can't install anything  any Adobe app like illustrator, Photoshop, ecc.

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                rbnz.art Level 1

                I have this problem in all the adobe apps installed, not just in Lightroo

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                  I have this problem also.

                  I have iMac with El Capitan.

                  The add-on for photoshop : Beauty Retouching Kit.

                  No files downloaded.

                  This is getting crazy and really annoying.

                  I purchased this add-on on the 7 of november and spent much time trying to find a solution.

                  Is El Capitan the problem?

                  What is sure is that a friend photographer managed to buy and install Beauty Retouching Kit add-on through Photoshop Store.

                  Then we bought another add-on through Adobe Add-ons, and no success to download.

                  He also upgraded to El Capitan


                  I am surprised and upset that this problem has not found solution yet.