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    Lightroom suddenly will not export JPEGs for me anymore


      I just spent 3 days post processing nearly 1,000 photos in Lightroom, finally have everything the way I want them, and suddenly Lightroom will not export JPEGs for me anymore.


      The dialog comes up that says "Export 854 files"......but will not go past the very first file...it just sits there quietly and I can see it's not doing anything.


      Thought maybe it was just too many...but when I select only a hand-full of images...it does the same thing.


      Thought maybe I hosed my catalog, so I created a  brand new catalog and imported those photos from the old catalog...no change.


      Figured, maybe my entire installation is hosed since that last up date with the terrible import changes.....so I uninstalled LR CC (using the uninstaller) including the preferences..and then reinstalled.


      Nothing is working.


      I still have Lightroom 5 on my computer, and I could import those files into there and re-process them all there and then export....but I just spent 3 days processing these images, don't want to waste another 3.


      I have a Macbook Pro running Yosemite, with a 2.6 GHZ Intel Core i7 processor, 8GB of ram and 1GB on the NVIDIA GPU, and running SSD drives.....according to the system requirements my machine should have no problem running Lightroom (and I never have up till now)


      Someone please tell me there's something I can do.