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    Catalogue lost on install of Lightroom to Windows Machine


      I have a Creative Cloud account for photographers that has allowed me to install Lightroom and Photoshop on my MacBook Air.  I've been working on over 1500 photographs from a trip I did to Nepal a year ago.  I've been working on those photos for some time.  This past week I had a new Windows 7 computer built for my workplace (had been running Windows XP) so I could work on the same photos at work.  I installed Creative Cloud onto the new computer and downloaded Lightroom.  On installing Lightroom the program asked what I wanted to sync when i signed in.  I must have selected the wrong choice in that dialogue box.  It said it had to log out my other devices and then Lightroom never populated with the catalog and images I was working on.  Also, that same catalog, which I've been working on from on my IPad and IPhone are now gone.  When I turned those devices on, the photos were there at first, but within a couple minutes they disappeared and I now have no collections!!!!!  I've logged into Creative Cloud online (where I had been looking at the photographs only hours earlier) and now there are no photographs, no collections and there are no archives!!!!


      Is there anything I can do to get my work back?  Please!!!

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          WobertC Adobe Community Professional

          Your Catalog and Images are not in the Cloud.

          You do know you will need a copy of your catalog and the original images (or Smart Previews) copied to the Windows 7 computer?

          The "Mobile" sync does not put your Catalog in the Cloud. It only uploads smaller versions of your originals for viewing on mobile devices.

          All your work should still exist in the catalog on the MacBook Air.

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            ManiacJoe Adobe Community Professional

            Syncing to LR Mobile is done by syncing one collection from one (desktop) catalog to the LR Mobile web servers. When you setup your new computer, you told win7 LR to be the new source of Mobile syncs. Since that catalog was presumably new and empty, LR deleted the previously synced Mobile pictures.


            Copy your images and catalog from the old Mac to your new Win7 computer. Then your previously synced images will be synced again.


            If you want to work on your images from both computers, the easiest (not prettiest) method is to put the images and catalog on an external drive and move the drive from computer to computer as needed. (LR is designed as a single-user, single-computer system.)