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    How do I deactivate one computer from Lightroom 6?


      Please note that the answers on the forum for previous versions of Lightroom do NOT work with Lightroom 6.


      I had Lightroom 6 successfully installed on 2 computers. One of the computers failed, had its drive wiped and replaced. In trying to install Lightroom 6 on the replacement computer, after entering the serial number, I receive the message:


      "The serial number xxx is already in use by the maximum allowed computers. You need to deactivate another computer within 30 days to use this product."


      I can click the Continue button all I want and it will not move off this error panel. Obviously I can't start the old computer to deactivate that copy as it was wiped and I no longer have access to it.


      Any solutions?


      BTW, doing a web search does find this question on the Adobe forums but attempting to access the link (with multiple browsers) results in a certificate error.