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    Lost or missing files after re-naming a collection with in light room 4


      I have missing or lost files  - I am ported photos from my memory card straight into light room 4.  They worked fine and I edited some of them -  I deleted the photos off of my memory card   -  A few days later I re-named the collection of photos with a zero in front so I could access them faster   -  The following day I tried to access them and it showed they were all missing   -  when trying to recover them there's no place to look because they are not on my hard drive or any other drive  -  they were just on that memory card that I erased  -  not sure how to find these photos but they were in my catalog and working fine  -  i've heard of missing files as a result of re-naming the folder outside of light room    But this all happened within light room   -  I even checked the all photographs section and I see them there but they are still come up as missing or off-line  -  any help is greatly appreciated  -  if the worst case scenario is recovering the photos from there preview   I will try that but I first wanted to see if it was just a silly mistake of mine to rename the folder    And that I somehow will be able to recover them   - thank you