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    black and white sliders - Refund Please

    Luckybeanz Level 1

      I've just upgraded to LR6.1.1 from LR5.7.1. I wanted to test 6s features before upgrading, so downloaded the only trial that Adobe makes available CC6.  I edit a few photos in it and decide I quite like it, the main reason being the ability to adjust blacks and whites locally. For me this is huge and surpasses all the other features in the release.


      So imagine my surprise when I upgrade and can't find these features!  Some investigation leads me to find out that these features are deliberately not included do to company policy and according to this will only be in LR7.


      Company policy or not, this is deceptive marketing and I feel cheated. I would like Adobe to refund me and let me continue to use LR5 or assure me that these features will be included in a near future update of 6.