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    Actionscript on movie help

      Hi, I'm currently working on a multimedia flash site for a school project and I'm very new to actionscripts. I have two questions which I would really appreciate any help on:

      1) I have a movie which is started by the user clicking on a button within the movie. Is there any way to hide this button once the movie has started. I tried using "visible = false" script but I get an error message.

      2) The movie is on the home page and I would like it, once the movie has played, to automatically go to the next page. At the moment, once it has finished, it goes back to the beginning of the movie and stops.

      I apologise if this doesn't make much sense. If you need anymore information about the sort of thing I'm after or how my project is set out so far, just say. Any help at all will be much appreciated.

      Thanks, Mike
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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          1. set the _visible (not visible) property to false

          2. where's the "next page"? is that a html page (if so, use getURL() ) or another frame in the _root timeline (if so, label that frame and use _root.gotoAndPlay() ) or another movieclip (if so, use attachMovie() ) or something else?
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            hotmag Level 1
            Thanks for the reply kglad. As i am new to all of this, could you explain a bit more please.

            1. Where would I write the _visible script in. At the moment, the script for the movie looks like:

            doorbtn.onRelease = function(){

            "doorbtn" is the button which starts the movie playing, so how would I script it so that "doorbtn" is hidden once the movie has started playing?

            2. Again, I may need some more explaination as to where I should insert this script. The "next page" is another frame on the timeline labelled "grnd_floor". I only want it to go to this page after the movie has finished playing.

            Thanks again for the reply, and sorry for not understanding much about this, Mike
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              kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

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                hotmag Level 1
                Thank you so much, both the codes work perfectly now.

                Thanks again, Mike
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                  kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
                  you're welcome.