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    Buttons not working in InDesign for HTML (e.g. EPUB)

    whathehangojango Level 1

      Hi there,


      I feel I must be missing something very basic because my problem is fundamental to using InDesign.


      Quite simply, buttons do not work (except in SWF Preview Panel and presumably in interactive PDFs, but these are based on SWF and I need HTML output).


      I've just returned to using InDesign to try laying out a fixed EPUB but I'm stumped at Day 1. (I mostly use other Adobe programs & used to use InDesign years ago for print, though I have made interactive PDFs in the past - with buttons that worked.)


      I've been following a training course online about how to make EPUBs and their EPUB Interactivity Preview panel has no problems with buttons. (Mine don't work.)


      My buttons also don't work if I export the EPUB and open it in Readium.


      I've made a very simple document for troubleshooting: Page 1 has a box converted to button to move to the next page. Page 2 has a box converted to button to move to the previous page. Both buttons have the dashed line with button icon. Both in the EPUB Interactivity Preview panel and in Readium, both boxes show the hand-click icon on hover.


      I hope someone can illuminate me because I really do feel like I'm going nuts over something so basic to the program.


      I upgraded my InDesign a few days before starting to use it (i.e. just last week).