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    File size swells when filter applied

    reindeer4 Level 1

      I'm using Fireworks as part of my workflow which ends in pngs from Fireworks being used as a layer in Illustrator and ultimately getting exported as SVG's.


      I needed to bring the original pngs back into Fireworks to change the brightness levels.


      This worked fine, but the filter more than doubled the resultant file size of each svg.


      Is there a way to 'apply the filter' in a permanent fashion so the files sizes could go back down to their baseline?


      Another option might be to batch process these through photoshop if that would give me an option to collapse the effects.


      Any help would be much appreciated.



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          reindeer4 Level 1

          Tracked down the problem - and the increased size had nothing to do with the filter.

          The first time I'd saved the files, I'd used the area crop feature, and that automatically brought up an optimization dialogue box.

          With regular re-saving, it didn't go through the optimization, hence much larger files.

          Optimizing restored the files to their earlier (smaller) size even with the filter in place.