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    Stock Image - License/Usage clarity

    JV1 Level 1

      I have couple questions -

      1. Can I use the stock images from Adobe Stock in social media promotions? Ex, I create a flyer with an image-Can I post it on my social media channels?

      2. Can these images be used on my website?

      3. If I have a monthly plan for 10 images /month download, can I use these 10 images over 3-4 clients?


      Please clarify!

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          MatHayward Adobe Employee

          Hi @JV1,


          You can use the images you purchase in social media though to do so you must add a photo credit directly onto the image in a visible location. Please review the license agreement for additional details.


          Generally yes, you can use the images on your website provided it is not a site that can be perceived as offensive by a model. For example, no dating sites, tobacco, political, etc.


          You can purchase an image on behalf of one client. If you have several clients that want to use the same image you must purchase a license for each individual client. However, if your intent is to purchase one image for a client and a different image for another client then yes, that is allowable.


          Kind regards,


          Mat Hayward

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            JV1 Level 1

            Thanks for replying. But One part is still not answered.


            If I have created a flyer for an event with adobe stock image (I am not printing credit/copyright on it), can I share that thrugh social media? Similarly, I might use images in blog posts or products. I would like to promote these links/posts/image with products on facebook/twitter and other social channels? In that case, how do you propose copyright is added? Or this kind of sharing is allowed?


            Please clarify.

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              MatHayward Adobe Employee

              Before posting to social media you will need to add the photo credit onto the image. If you are scanning a printed flyer you can add the text to the scan. When using the images in an editorial manner such as a blog post, the photo credit must be placed adjacent to the image. As for using the images in products you will need to elaborate. You cannot use Adobe Stock images in products in which the primary value is the image. For example...tee shirts, coffee mugs, calendars, mouse pads, etc. Again, any use of the images in social media regardless of the origin requires the photo credit be added to the image itself.


              I hope this helps,



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                Thank you!

                It is unbelievable, how diffrent the quality of answers is. Something like that i was looking for in my thread.

                For a subscription-user of Adobe Stock, it is really hard to believe, that the answers i got there from Staff Members, should be taken seriously...


                Maybe you find some more answers like that in my Request? I'd love to get an answer from you.

                Yours faithfully