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    Cold fusion deployment


      Hi All,


      We have a requirement in which we have deployed coldfusion 9 on IIS 7.

      how can we package and deploy the cold fusion files to the  the server. I have tried creating the .car file. But it contains the path to the files only. not the actual files.

      so in the event of moving the .car file to another server lets say production, how can we move the files. Do we need to move the files manually.


      Any help in the deployment of cold fusion app process would be really helpful.




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          Dave Ferguson Level 3

          Deploying a ColdFusion app has nothing to do with the CAR file.  That is for moving CF server configurations from one server to another or to create a backup.  Deploying the app is basically the same as any other web application.  Just put the code into the directory defined in IIS for the site.


          Also, it is "ColdFusion" (no space).