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    Sync Flickr export albums from two computers?


      I am moving most of my LRcc work from a stationary Windows 7 PC to a MacBook Pro.

      Until recently I have done all the Flickr uploads from the PC but getting older I need a more comfortable chair than the one in my office.


      I have copied my original Lightroom Catalog from PC to Mac - so far - everything good.

      My Mac doesn't have enought harddisk space to hold all of my photos so I just copied the most recent + some old one I now hav uploaded from the Mac.


      Recently I have found out that I want to update photos on some old Flickr sets and I copied those photos to the Mac.

      PROBLEM: The Flickr albums can't see these photos - even though I have used the same folder structure as on the PC. If I move a published photo that's been in the catalog and on the Mac HD all the time the Flickr album always know in which folder the photo is. This is frustrating!


      So now I have some Flickr album originally published on the Mac and many published on the PC.


      Is there a way I can have a Lightroom catalog that keeps track of all my published files so that I can update any photo on Flickr on both PC and Mac?


      Thanks for reading!


      Stein Arne