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    Assessible ruins charts


      I require a pdf to be fully accessible however when I tick the ISO 1-9000 box before creating a pdf from a word doc, the pie chart (from excel) in that word doc get pdf-ed with blackhalos around them anyway this can be solved.

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          a C student Level 3

          I am not familiar with the ISO 1-9000 box, but if by "fully accessible" you mean compliant with WCAG 2.0 and ISO 14289 (PDF/UA), auto-tagging will not get you there. You will need to manually remediate the document for accessibility in Acrobat Pro anyway, so you might as well convert to PDF in a way that preserves the appearance of the chart, and remediate from there.

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            CtDave Level 6

            "ISO 9000 deals with the fundamentals of quality management systems..."
            Basically not something associated with "flavors" of PDF.
            The Microsoft routine that exports a Word file to PDF does have an option to output ISO 19005-1 (PDF/A).
            PDF/A is for archival PDF.

            If the goal is to provide accessible PDF follow the advice of  "C student".


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